VIP Super Bowl Tickets, Buying & Selling Tickets

Frequently Asked Questions

So you want to go to Super Bowl LII what do you do?  Here's a list of frequently-asked-questions to make your Super Bowl booking experience hassle-free!


Should I buy my Super Bowl tickets first, or arrange my travel first?

You should buy your Super Bowl tickets and arrange your travel to the city simultaneously from a professional company who has both ticket and travel experience to the biggest event in sports. Game tickets, hotel rooms and airline seats are of limited supply.

Will ticket prices rise or fall during Super Bowl week?

No one knows for sure, but, basic economics tells us that the laws of supply and demand definitely apply to the Super Bowl.  Every year there is always a greater demand than there is supply of tickets to the game.  A good rule of thumb is the earlier you purchase your Super Bowl tickets the better.

How do I know my tickets are real and not counterfeit?

Buy from a reputable ticket company.  Almost everyone that has tickets to sell to the Super Bowl is going to sell them at market-value.  If the deal sounds too good to be true it probably is. Protect with a credit card and obtain a company receipt with the approximate ticket locations and price printed clearly.  Every professional ticket broker will fax you a credit card authorization form and ask you to sign the sales receipt, and submit a copy of your drivers licence as well as a copy of the front and back of your credit card and fax it back to them.  This is what's required from the bank to protect themselves from fraudulent credit card use.

When will my tickets be delivered?
Tickets for the Super Bowl are distributed by the official authorities only weeks before the event begins.  Therefore, we can only send out your tickets from our office via FedEx normally a week or two before the game.  If your travel plans require it, VIPSEATS will be onsite at the Super Bowl and can arrange to have your tickets delivered to you at your hotel when you arrive or picked up in our Super Bowl office.


I am interested in selling my Super bowl Tickets to VIPSUPERBOWLTICKETS.COM. How much do you pay for Super bowl Tickets?

We've been buying and selling Super bowl tickets since 1993.  We have clients that confidently sell their Super bowl tickets to us each and every year because we're honest and the entire process is confidential.  In order for us to give you a price we're willing to pay for your tickets, we would need the exact seat locations.  We will then offer you a price for your tickets based on current market conditions and our ability to realize a modest profit.  From just one screen on our office computers, we can see exactly what each and every ticket broker has in inventory and how much Super bowl ticket prices in the secondary market are going for.  Technology has made it very easy for us to give you a fair and accurate price for your Super bowl tickets.     

I want to sell my Super bowl tickets to your company.  How does the transaction work?

The transaction process is simple.  We fax or e-mail you a Purchase Order which clearly states that VIPSUPERBOWLTICKETS.COM agrees to purchase Super bowl tickets from you.  The Purchase Order will have detailed information regarding the transaction process including the exact seat locations, price, payment information and shipping details. At this time, we will also fax or e-mail you a Federal Express Air bill.  All you need to do is enclose the tickets in a FedEx envelope, put the FedEx air bill inside the plastic portion of the envelope and call FedEx at 1-800-GO FEDEX to arrange for them to pick-up the Package.  In most instances, we can send the Air bill as a Secured Payment C.O.D.. FedEx will deliver your tickets to our offices only after they have received a secured form of payment from us (usually a certified bank check).  You will receive your certified bank check the very next day via FedEx.  We are always onsite and have a Super Bowl office the week of the game. Stop in and see us and get paid on the spot! It's that simple and always smooth!  


Super bowl Hotel rooms have long been sold-out.  How does VIPSUPERBOWLTICKETS.COM have access to so many properties?

We realize the majority of fans often decide to attend the Super bowl after their team wins their Conference Championship game to earn a date to the Super bowl just two weeks before the big game.  Therefore, VIPSUPERBOWLTICKETS.COM prepares for this last minute rush each year by purchasing blocks of hotel rooms one to two years in advance.  We also partner with hotel brokers from around the country to offer our clients an incredible selection of three, four and five star properties at the best room rates. 

I see that you offer only three and four-night minimum Hotel stays?  What if I want to book a room for only Saturday and Sunday nights?

Hotels are running businesses that need to maximize their revenues.  There is such a huge demand for hotel rooms during the Super bowl that most hotels set a three or four-night minimum required stay.  Therefore, we have negotiated our room rates based on their requirements.

Can VIPSUPERBOWLTICKETS.COM arrange for two beds in my Hotel room?

Yes.  We can arrange for two beds in your room. We can request smoking or non-smoking rooms.  If you require an additional cot in your room, we can only make a request and cannot guarantee a cot in your room. Cots are of limited supply in each hotel, especially during Super bowl week.

I have booked my Super bowl Hotel room through VIPSUPERBOWLTICKETS.COM.  Do I get a confirmation number?  When can I call the Hotel to confirm my reservation? 

We have negotiated room rates with the Hotels based on a block of rooms at a particular property.  Hotel Managers usually ask us to submit all reservations at one time when all of our allocated rooms have been sold.  This usually occurs just days before your scheduled check-in date.   When we submit our clients' names to the Hotel Manager, the front desk then allocates a confirmation number under your name.  A VIPSUPERBOWLTICKETS.COM representative will then call to notify you of your confirmation number at the hotel for check-in.  After you have received your confirmation number from VIPSEATS, you can then confirm your reservation directly with the hotel.

Is there a customer service number I can reach if I have a problem during check-in or with my room?   

Absolutely!  In fact we will have a VIPSUPERBOWLTICKETS.COM concierge staff on-site during Super bowl week to assist our clients with any special needs or problems that may arise. We can be reached toll-free at 1-800-371-6323.  We are available 24 hours a day during Super bowl week.


I see that VIPSUPERBOWLTICKETS.COM lists several Super bowl Packages.  Can your company custom tailor a Super bowl Package for our clients?

Yes!  We can mix and match any of the Packages we have offered.  Our goal is to make your Super bowl an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience.                

I have researched several ticket and travel company's web sites online.  I have found that VIPSUPERBOWLTICKETS.COM's Super bowl Packages are by far the most affordable AND they include round-trip airfare.  How do you do it?

Shhh...VIPSUPERBOWLTICKETS.COM has quietly become the #1 ticket and travel service company for Super bowl tickets, hotels, exclusive parties and more! VIPSUPERBOWLTICKETS.COM provides their Super bowl packages direct to many Travel Companies worldwide at wholesale prices. When buying a Super bowl Package direct from VIPSUPERBOWLTICKETS.COM, you are buying at WHOLESALE prices.  You've just cut-out the middle man. Congratulations on doing your Super bowl homework and for being a wise consumer. We really do have the best Super bowl Package prices...period!

Why does it state that your Super bowl Package prices are subject to change?   

The Super bowl has become a monstrous event. Demand for game tickets, hotels, and airfare far exceeds supply. It's Economics 101 really, and, the laws of  'supply and demand' definitely apply here.  Prices will fluctuate. There are many variables to consider when we start booking your Super bowl Package for you or your group.  Due to fluctuations in super bowl ticket prices, and airfare, as well as differences in departure airports, package prices may be subject to change.  Please call us for an exact price quote so we can provide you with specific game seat locations, Hotel property, departure and arrival flight information, etc.  Once we have provided you with a specific price for your Super bowl Package and you provide us with a signed credit card authorization form and a valid credit card for payment in full, your rate is confirmed and will not change.  We have the best Super bowl Package prices...period!

All of your Super bowl Package prices include 'On-site VIPSEATS Concierge Service'. Can you explain what this is?

During Super bowl week we will have staff on-site to assist our clients with any problems that may arise or to handle any last minute special requests.  We literally move our New York offices on-site at the Super bowl for two weeks leading up to the big game.  You can reach our VIPSEATS Concierge Desk 24 hours a day at 1-800-371-6323.  Our additional services during Super bowl week include:   Limousine Transportation, Tee Time Reservations, Motorcoach Transportation, Dinner, Reservations, Shuttle Bus Service, Ticket Delivery Service, Ticket Upgrades/Additional Tickets, Super bowl Party Tickets, etc. Ticket Delivery Service